I just received the following message from my new buyer / friend ... "This is gonna make a beautiful Home when I get finished and I Want To Thank you Very Much!  I know I would not have gotten this house without you, Shelia.  I feel BLESSED to have you as my Realtor.  You are truly a professional with a big heart and a lot of passion for your job, and you do it well.  I am going to miss your emails after closing. ~~~ Vicky ~~~  (June 10, 2013)  VICKY HAD NO IDEA THAT THIS WAS MY VERY FIRST REAL ESTATE CLOSING. 

Shelia Allen WORKS for her clients and

always has their best interest at heart!

She is tenacious when it comes to finding

unique properties that seem to match

her clients' requests 

~ even when those requests are extreme and/or are seemingly impossible ~

Shelia delivers!

Shelia sold our property in Lebanon, Tennessee and an "anomaly" of a property doesn't come close to describing what she was working with 

~ she helped make the transition of selling our childhood,

long time, family home, although emotional, a better experience ~

we would not have wanted any other agent guiding us through this process. 

When you choose Shelia Allen as your real estate professional,

you've chosen the Realtor who will work for you with her whole heart!

Excellent Realtor, Very Helpful and Very Knowledgeable

about Real Estate, and became a friend instantly.

Wouldnt have wanted to handled my first time home buyer

experience without her.

She made it all a smooth transaction,

and a very happy experience for my dream to come true.

She is great. Her personality is the best. Once you know her she's your best friend forever. She does a great job, if she says she can do it believe me she can!

Mickie Braden

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Jeremey Turner
5 star  Shelia is so awesome to work with for both buying and selling!
September 9, 2015 · 

I miss looking at houses with you! You made it so fun. Hope you're doing well.

​​​April 16, 2015

THANK YOU so much for the sweet messages.

I'm so thankful for ...

#1 THE OPPORTUNITY to work w/ you;

#2 THE STORY of your transaction I now get to share;

#3  that your are happy w/ THE RESULT; and 

#4 THE TIME you've taken for a review!

 You're Champions! ...

and I love you!  / Shelia

     "At Home" ... with Shelia Allen

I loved every minute we got to work together!

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